Thursday, 9 February 2012

A diferent run

It´s 6 A.M.
One of those days that I hate everything that resembles a plan.
The idea of a compulsory activity makes me want to stop even before I start.
A perfect day for a “Follow the Green Light (FGL)” run.
The concept behind this awkward kind of training is, in fact, quite simple. You just go forward and when in a crossroad you turn wherever the green traffic light tells you to.
Where the hell this does leads you to? You ask in awe…
Well…nowhere…everywhere…who cares? The point is to face whatever the Light throws at you!
The Light can point to well paved and lightened roads, but can also send you to the darkest of places where all your senses have to be aware.
Sometimes the Light sends you uphill, or against strong front winds…you lean forward, you shorten your stride, you reduce the pace, you adapt, you suffer, but you never stop.
But the Light can also be kind and send you downhill, and you relax and enjoy the run.
As you become more experienced with the FGL run you learn that it is a mistake to get to carried away when the course is easy. When you least expect it the Light sends you to cruel and uncharted territory where you need all your strength and determination. You would be better restoring your energy when you can.
It’s 7 A.M.
The FGL run is close to the end and the Light was kind to me and brought me quite close to the place where I started.
I have to be honest. The Light seldom brings you back to where you started. Sometimes you end up in the middle of nowhere…but who cares? It’s the journey…It’s all about the journey! Always!
Feel Olympic my friends!

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